Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020

So What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

In a nutshell, Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that teaches you how to build a niche website, attract visitors, and monetize your website. There is way more it than that however so stick around because I'm going to show you everything wealthy affiliate as to offer and trust me you get a lot.

Whos Behind Wealthy Affiliate?

Before we jump into the meat and potatoes of wealthy affiliate I want to quickly talk about who actually made the program. So the founders of Wealthy Affiliate are Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim. they built a very strong community wealthy affiliate and when you need help you can expect to hear from them directly this is something that even surprised me.

I got an automated message from them and not really thinking about it I replied. Less than a day later I got a message from both of them with a direct and relevant response to the message I had replied to meaning they actually took the time to read my response and to me, that's a good sign.

What Do You Get With Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate I set up into 2 tiers their free tier and their paid tier. First, we’ll start off with the free tier.

  • free access to Wealthy Affiliate.

  • You get free access to wealthy affiliate which means no money upfront to get started

  • You get access to build and publish your first website, which is powered by SiteRubix and WordPress basically the best website builder out there.

  • Free access to the first 10 training videos and access to two of the interactive classes. That will help you get your website up and running

  • Kyle and Carson have teamed up with a few affiliate networks so you can check out affiliate offers relevant to your niche straight from wealthy affiliate again for free.

  • 30 free searches using their advanced research keyword tool which you’ll be using this to rank your first few blog posts.

  • Access to Wealthy Affiliates affiliate program which offers commissions for promoting the wealthy affiliate platform as well as additional affiliate training teaching you how to get set up as an affiliate.

  • 7 day free trial to the premium access

Minus the 30 free keyword searches and the 7-day free premium access, all of the stuff I mentioned is free to you for the life of your membership.

Get Started With Your Free Account Here

Now here is what you get as a paid member.

  • Advance features and themes for your WordPress blog as well as the ability to connect a custom domain name to your website

  • Access to the wealthy affiliate community where you can create post engage with the community and share your blog post with thousands of other people using wealthy affiliate

  • Continued direct access to the kyle and Carson

  • Access to advanced training, interactive classes, and weekly live streams

  • The ability to teach classes and training for the platform and get paid for it

  • Advanced affiliate training and Higher commissions when you promote wealthy affiliate

  • You’ll get access to most of this stuff premium stuff during the 7-day premium trial then after the trial is over you will be downgraded to the free tier

The Pros

  • It's Free to sign up and use

  • Tons of training to help you actually succeed

  • Direct access to the founders who actually respond back

  • Access to a very active and very helpful community

  • Pretty cheap compared to other programs coming in at $49 a month with a bonus discount for your first month coming in $19 when you're ready to upgrade

  • Pretty decent affiliate program as well as additional ways to make money with the platform

  • Direct access to affiliate-networks through wealthy affiliate

  • You can get your website up and running within a day

The Cons

  • Tons of training to the point where it can a bit overwhelming

  • A lot of the training is outdated, which means you’ll be relying more on the classes and the weekly live streams for updated information

  • Community access locked behind a paywall

Final Thoughts

Wealthy Affiliate is a legit program way different than what I thought it was initially a few years back. They definitely provide a ton of value even as a free user which is something other programs just don’t offer.

If you're serious about building an online business then definitely check this one out it's free so what do you have to lose you can get signed up and have your website up and running within 1 to 2 days and still have 5 days left to play around with some of the premium features and see if this system is right for you.

Again wealthy affiliate starts off free and you can upgrade with your first month being discounted at $19 then moving up $49 a month. Which is a hell of a deal for what you get.

Join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE and get my Bonus Affiliate Guide here


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