Spencer Mecham's Affiliate Secrets 3.0 Review: Is This The Real Deal?

It's been a while since I have done an affiliate product review and it's for good reason. A lot of the affiliate products you see in the marketplace today are in my opinion straight trash with no real substance. Most of them provide very barebones information about affiliate marketing, they'll offer you some very generic looking done-for-you landing page templates, and then they'll offer you their "secret sauce" the winning formula that will have you swimming in affiliate commissions.

That secret......Solo Ads. I hate Solo Ads. Period! Solo ads were great back in 2015 when the market wasn't saturated but when you have hundreds or even thousands of people using the same generic landing pages, the same products, and the same lame email templates...yeah I'll pass. The only person making money is the person who made that course in the first place.

But there is good news. I think I may have found the winning product that will actually help you become a successful and profitable affiliate marketer. So in this review, I'm going to be covering Affiliate Secrets 3.0, everything it has to offer, and whether or not this program is the program that's going to turn you into a successful, profitable affiliate marketer. Spoiler alert this program is the real deal so stick around so I can tell you everything about this amazing program and how you can get your hands on it.

What Is Affiliate Secrets 3.0

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 is a comprehensive course (the 3rd iteration) that breaks down everything you need to know about affiliate marketing as well as how to start, grow, and manage a profitable affiliate business. The best part is you get real-life examples from Spenser's affiliate portfolio throughout this whole course. You get to see firsthand that the methods being taught actually work and you're not just getting some generic information from some random dude on the internet.

Who Is the Creator?

The creator of this course is Spenser Mechem and this guy is the real deal. Spenser was the first person to hit 1 million dollars in affiliate commissions with ClickFunnels as well as the first person to hit ClickFunnel's 2 comma club. ClickFunnels Isn't the only thing he's known for. He's also a top affiliate with the very popular Legendary Marketer program as well as many other affiliate programs. Basically, whatever he touches he kills it in success and earnings.

What Do You Get With Affiliate Secrets 3.0?

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 is the 3rd iteration of Affiliate Secrets and a total revamp from Affiliate Secrets 2.0. Lessons have been updated to make sure everything is current. Affiliate Secrets 3.0 is broken up into 9 modules Plus the Overview with each module being broken down into lessons. Here's a quick rundown of what you with this program.

Affiliate Secrets Big Picture

Lesson #1 The Big Picture Part 1

Lesson #2 The Big Picture Part 2

Module #1: Niche

Lesson #1 - Niche

Module #2: Products

Lesson #1 - Products

Module #3: Lead Magnets

Lesson #1 - What Make A Good Lead Magnet

Lesson #2 - Designing And Delivering Lead Magnet

Module #4: Landing Pages

Lesson #1 - Builders

Lesson #2 - What makes a good landing page?

Lesson #3 - Intro to bridge pages

Lesson #4 - Split-testing and popups

Lesson #5 - Building bridge pages


Module #5: Email Marketing

Lesson #1 - Intro to email marketing

Lesson #2 - Setting up Gsuite

Lesson #3 - Email marketing terms

Lesson #4 - Capturing emails

Lesson #5 - Building email automations

Lesson #6 - Soap opera sequences

Lesson #7 - Shotgun sequences

Lesson #8 - Anatomy of an affiliate sequence

Lesson #9 - Email examples part 1

Lesson #10 - Email examples part 2

Lesson #11 - Email Marketing Live Build

Lesson #13 - Anatomy Of Single Email

Lesson #14 - Coming Up With Email Ideas

Lesson # 15 - Tip And Tricks

Lesson #16 - Email Reports

Email Assignment

Module #6: Bonuses

Lesson #1 - When To Use Bonuses

Lesson #2 - Best Kind Of Bonuses

Lesson #3 - Bonuses Landing Pages


Module #7: JV Launches

Lesson #1 - JV Launches

Lesson #2 - Launches - Big Picture

Lesson #3 - Pre-Launch

Lesson #4 - Live/Day - Post/Launch

Module#8: Pro Tip/Access

Lesson #1 - Pro Tip/Access

Module #9: Adwords

Lesson #1 - Overview

Lesson #2 - Finding Programs

Lesson #3 - Auction

Lesson #4 - Keywords

Lesson #5 - Campaigns And Ad Groups

Lesson #6 - On-Screen Demo

Lesson #7 - Callouts And Extensions

Lesson #8 - Advanced Techniques Part 1

Lesson #9 - Advanced Techniques Part 2

Lesson #10 - Reports

Lesson #11 - Important Info

As you can see that's quite a lot of content but it doesn't just end there. Affiliate Secrets 3.0 has a separate traffic section called Affiliate Secrets 3.0 Traffic Edition Which you guessed is all about driving traffic using various platforms. Here's what you can expect from this portion of the course.

Module #1: Facebook Organic

Lesson #1 - Big Picture

Lesson #2 - Optimize Profile

Lesson #3 - Making Friends Part 1

Lesson #4 - Making Friends Part 2

Lesson #5 - Daily Posts

Lesson #6 - Value Post example

Lesson #7 - Conversation Starter

Lesson #8 - Selling

Module #2: YouTube

There are 23 total lessons in this module. For the sake of space and time, I will only be listing the first 10.

Lesson #1 - Big picture

Lesson #2 - Search vs social

Lesson #3 - Types of videos

Lesson #4 - Content ideas

Lesson #5 - Creating video (tools)

Lesson #6 - Batching

Lesson #7 - Outline

Lesson #8 - Algorithm

Lesson #9 - On page

Lesson #10 - Video metrics

Module #3: TikTok

Lesson #1 - Intro

Lesson #2 - Engagement

Lesson #3 - Editor

Lesson #4 - Content ideas

Lesson #5 - Algorithm

Lesson #6 - Watch time

Lesson #7 - Random tips

Lesson #8 - CTA

Lesson #9 - Duets, stitches, responses

Lesson #10 - Going live

Module #4: Facebook Groups

Lesson #1 - Intro

Lesson #2 - Creating group

Lesson #3 - Group funnels

Lesson #4 - Algorithm

Lesson #5 - Growing group 1-500

Lesson #6 - 500-10000

Lesson #7 - Post formatting

Lesson #8 - Comment ladders

Lesson #9 - Lives

Lesson #10 - Moderation

Lesson #11 - Analytics

Lesson #12 - Ecosystem

Lesson #13 - Assignment

Module #5: Blogging

Ok, ladies and gents strap yourself up and get ready for this one because the blogging module has a whopping 61 Lessons added to it. Again for the sake of time and space, I'll only be listing the first 10.

Lesson #1 - Overview

Lesson #2 - Critical Terminology

Lesson #3 - Email, Hosting, and Theme Recommendations

Lesson #4 - Choosing a Niche

Lesson #5 - Finding Affiliate Products

Lesson #6 - Choosing a Killer Domain Name

Lesson #7 - Buying Your Domain in WPX Hosting

Lesson #8 - How to Install WordPress in WPX Hosting

Lesson #9 - Make These Small Changes

Lesson #10 - Installing Thrive Themes Product Manager

As you can clearly see this is a hefty course. Spenser Mecham isn't holding anything back he's literally teaching you everything he knows about Affiliate Marketing. This personally is what I like and expect to see in a course.

This is maybe the second time that I have personally reviewed a program with this much substance. Just like the other review, the advice I will give you should you get this course (and I absolutely believe you should) is to take your time figuring out what's the most important topics you want to tackle and then go after that stuff first. Do not try to consume all of this content at once. Believe me, when I say this it can overwhelm you and burn you out, and then you'll find yourself not taking any action.


There's live chat support on the sales page as well as inside the course itself just in case you have any questions or concerns. You also have access to Spenser's private Facebook group with a fairly active community.

What's the Price?

As of the writing of this post, the price of this course comes in at $949 and is said to go up after July 29th. I will update this post when the new price goes into effect.

Personal Thoughts

Finally... FINALLY! A completely thorough Affiliate Marketing course. I'm being completely honest here when I say there are a lot of really bad affiliate marketing courses out there with no substance but this ain't one of them. Something else I didn't mention earlier is that you get lifetime Updates. If you purchase Affiliate Secrets 3.0 now, when the Next iteration becomes available you'll automatically get it. A huge plus in my book.

It isn't without its flaws though. Some of the lessons could have been broken up and better paced. While I understand you may want to get out as much information in one go some of the lessons go on for 30 plus minutes.

As I mentioned earlier there's a ton of information in this course. With my other review, I got a lot of questions about where to actually start. TAKE YOUR TIME with this course. Spenser shows you all of the options you have but it's ultimately up to you to decide where you want to start first. Some of you may be better writers than personalities on camera it's up to you to decide where you want to start but once you start COMMIT! Don't bounce around doing a little here and a little there. Commit to whatever module you start and complete as much of it as possible before moving on to the next if you want to see true success.

Who Is Affiliate Secretes 3.0 For?

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 is for those of you willing to put in real work to build a real Affiliate Marketing business. If you're sick of your 9 to 5 and you are looking for a way to make

long-term life-changing income and you are willing to PUT IN THE WORK then this course is for you.

Should You Buy Affiliate Secrets 3.0?

Yes, yes, and yes!

If you're ready to jump into Affiliate Secrets 3.0 click on the buy button down below

For those of you who Are still Skeptical Or just can't afford Affiliate Secrets 3.0, you can still check out Spensers free courses. You can check those courses out by Clicking Here.


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