Social Media Lead Machine Review

This is my review of the Social Media Lead Machine. Is this a legit product that you can really use to generate unlimited leads and sales on social media? That's what we're going to find out in this review.

Social Media Lead Machine - What Is It?

Social Media Lead machine is a program that claims to show you how to generate unlimited leads using social media. According to some of the advertisements it only takes about “90 minutes of work” with “zero complicated tech”.

When you click on one of those ads you be taken to a sales page that looks like this:

Reading through the sales pages you see quite a few claims like:

  • You can get unlimited free traffic

  • It’s perfect for both beginners and professionals

  • Works for any type of business

Ok so far, so good. Scrolling further down the sales page blake says this program can be broken down into 3 simple steps. The 3 steps are:

  1. Optimize your profile

  2. Connect your funnel

  3. Drive free traffic

That sounds great and to top it all off Social Media Lead Machine is only going to cost you $7.

Ok here’s something that I do want to mention. When you first see advertisements for Social Media Lead Machine, at first glance you may think because of the way it’s worded that it's going to generally cover social media. When you click on the ad and arrive at the landing page though you can very clearly see that the main focus is Facebook.

This may be a little disappointing or misleading to some but I wouldn't write Social Media Lead machine off just yet.

Social Media Lead Machine - Who’s the creator?

Before I get into the meat and potatoes let me briefly talk about the creator of Social Media Lead Machine. Blake Nubar is the man behind Social Media Lead Machine. Blake came into the internet marketing scene in 2017 and since then has made well over 1 million dollars in sales online and is a part of the ClickFunnels 2 comma club. Blake Nubar definitely knows a thing or 2 when it comes to internet marketing.

Social Media Lead Machine - What Do you get?

Going through the motions and purchasing the product went smoothly. Once you Purchase Social Media Lead Machine you will be taken to the member's area where you sign up for an account so that you can access your purchase.

This is what the member's area looks like:

Something to note is that there are a couple of upsells that you will see while going through the process. I will cover those in a separate section of the review.

Ok so once you create your account you’ll be able to download the Social Media Lead Machine Blueprint. This is a very well put together e-book that’s broken down into 7 chapters. These chapters are:

  1. Your Perfect Lead Magnet

  2. Write A Persuasive Call To Action

  3. Optimize Your Facebook Landing Page

  4. Simple & Effective Landing Pages

  5. Money Making Email Sequences

  6. Engage On Social Media

  7. Unlimited Free Leads And Sales

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So to break this down basically you're learning how to set up your Facebook profile to function as a landing page. You then learn how to engage with people on the platform using the methods mentioned in the e-book so that you can get them to check out your profile which will send them to a sales funnel that you learn how to create using Clickfunnels.

Social Media Lead Machine - What are the upsells?

So there are 2 upsells with the first one coming in at $37 this gives you 31 “viral post templates” that you can use to engage with people on Facebook. The second upsell comes in at $197 and is a live training demonstration of everything mentioned in the ebook with a few extra things thrown in the mix. Honestly, the base product is pretty meaty and you really won't miss anything if skip out on the upsells but they are there if you want some extra content and you want to get the most out of the program.

Social Media Lead Machine - What’s the price?

It's $7 for the ebook, $37 for the viral post templates, and $197 for the live training coming in at a total of $241 should you decide to get everything. Something else worth mentioning is that they want you to set up your funnel with Clickfunnels which is free for your first month but will cost you $97 a month after your free trial.

Social Media Lead Machine - What Are The Pro And Cons?


  • The base product is very affordable

  • Social Media Lead Machine has lots of good information and plenty of visual examples

  • Setup is actually pretty easy and won’t take you long to get everything in order


  • The $197 upsell is pushed pretty heavily throughout the ebook

  • Added extra monthly cost if you include Clickfunnels

Social Media Lead Machine - Is this a Scam?

The answer is no. As I mentioned earlier there’s a lot of good actionable information in the e-book. The ads suggest something more than just a single social media platform and may not be what you expected.

Social Media Lead Magnet - Should You get it?

Honestly, it's a good product. It teaches you a pretty creative way to set up and monetize your Facebook profile. With the amount of information you get for just $7, it's hard not to recommend this program. Again as I mentioned earlier the primary focus is Facebook so if you were looking at one of those ads and was expecting more then you may be a little disappointed.

You Can Get Started With Social Media Lead Machine

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