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What Is Overnight Freedom?

Overnight Freedom is a program created by Mark Ling, Rob Jones, and Gerry Cramer that teaches you how to build and scale a 6 to 7 figure affiliate marketing business from paid traffic.

Who's Behind Overnight Freedom?

Mark Ling, Rob Jones, and Gerry Cramer are behind Overnight Freedom. This crew of highly experienced internet marketers have brought their individual skills together to help ordinary people to quickly learn and succeed in affiliate marketing. These guys have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the internet and marketing and their program is the real deal.

What Do You Get With Overnight Freedom?

Here is what you can expect for overnight freedom.

  • The first module opens the doors to affiliate marketing. Most students are beginners, which is why the creator ensured that he put in all the effort to make the first module as detailed and explanatory as possible. You learn all about affiliate marketing begin with 800 Ad accounts and learn the secrets of tracking.

  • The second module covers the essentials of Facebook advertising and enhances the knowledge on how to create income-generating ads on Facebook.

  • The third module explains everything about reporting and its utilization to comprehend one

  • The fourth module elucidates about advertisements and its potential to generate income. One also learns the do’s and don’ts of scaling.

  • The fifth module contains all the secrets of advanced marketing techniques.

  • The sixth module is all about manual bidding – from the basics to advanced.

Take a sneak peak into Overnight Freedom with the Freedom Manifesto

What Can You Expect From Overnight Freedom?

This program features 4 main monetization techniques and they include:

  • How to earn high-percentage commissions based on low-ticket digital products: Simply make money by promoting digital products which are not expensive.

  • How to earn recurring commissions based on monthly recurring-products: Recurring products provide a great way of driving up your earnings. This happens when a customer purchases products on subscription.

  • How to earn high CPA commissions from physical and digital products: You will learn techniques on how to earn those high-level commissions by promoting physical and digital products.

  • How to earn high commissions from high-ticket offers: This is the last technique of monetization. It involves promoting tickets with high offers than earning high commissions from them.

Who Is Overnight Freedom For?

If you are serious about making money as an affiliate marketer then definitely check this program out. Here's what you can expect if you join the program

1. Powerful Traffic Sources: This system uses two of the most powerful sources of scalable traffic sources. They include Google Display Network and Facebook Ads.

2. Site Builder Software: If you are going to use this program, you will receive a site builder software. This is a new cutting-edge program that will allow you to build Google, YouTube, and Facebook-compliant sites.

3. Massive Commissions: The creators of this program have already negotiated great deals with some of the best vendors. They offer higher commissions than the normal standard rates. Note that in some instances, you will get a chance of earning more than 90% in commissions.

Additionally, there are some offers where you will earn a good amount of money from the 'backend sequence’. So, you will have an additional option of earning 50% for a product that costs between $500 and $2500!

4. Premium Ad Generator: This is a revolutionary software which writes your ads. Premium ad generator uses analytics multiple and top-performing ads on Facebook as well as YouTube. As a result, it makes it easier for you to get the best ads.

5. Weekly Prizes: During the first 12 months, this program will be awarding cash prizes every week. This is simply a motivating factor to ensure that you take seriously everything regarding the materials found within this program.

6. Few sales, high earnings: As a student, you need to only make as low as 4 sales weekly and you are sure to make over $100,000 annually as profit. This is insane!

What Are The Pros And Cons?


  • You have higher chances of earning more commissions than the usual standard rates.

  • The program has software that quickly generates ads.

  • It gives you the best opportunity to learn about two of the top web traffic sources i.e. Facebook Ads and Google Display Network.

  • Mark Ling, Rob Jones, and Gerry Cramer are legit real deal internet marketers with a wealth of knowledge ready to help you become successful with affiliate marketing.

  • 30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee


  • This program has a high price tag. However, you are guaranteed to get value for your money.

Mark Your Calendar

Overnight Freedom is all set to be launched on September 10, 2019. People who will be taking care of the launch are Gerry Cramer, Rob Jones, and Sean Khang.

This powerful system to earn affiliate commissions from paid traffic. It is effective and will have a huge impact on those who are ready to embrace online marketing by quitting their 9 to 5 jobs.

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Final Verdict

Overnight Freedom is a unique product packed with tons of features and tons of value for people ready to move away from their 9 to 5 and build an online business.

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