Nowsite Marketing Review: A Marketing Tool Great For Beginners (Updated)

In this post, I'll be reviewing the Marketing platform Nowsite and whether or not this Platform can help you build an online business.

Product Overview:

Name: Nowsite Marketing

Training: Yes

Tools: Website Builder, Email Autoresponder, Social Media Software, SMS Marketing Software, Analytic Tools, Paid Ad Services, Content Generation Software, Mobile App, Nowsite Nerd's 1-on-1 live assistance, ELITE University

Customer Support: Yes

Community Support: Yes

Affiliate Program: Yes

Price: Try Before You Buy (Have your website built by a professional for free) Starter Package $47/mo (plus 1 time $40 fee for 1-on-1 with web designer), $444/year

Recommend: Yes

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UPDATE 04/15/21:

Nowsite now has a try before you buy option where their nowsite experts (Nerds) will build out your first website for free and if you like the outcome then you can purchase a plan and keep your website.

The Elite University - Signing up with any of the links on this page will give you free members access to The Elite University. The Elite University has over 500 hours of brand building and income-generating training.

You Can Check Out The Original Nowsite Video And Written Review Down Below.

UPDATE 03/31/21:

Nowsite has made some new changes to its pricing structure. The $87 monthly and annual entrepreneur plan has been removed completely. Instead you now just have the $47 monthly plan and the annual plan coming in at $444. There is also a one-time $40 fee with the monthly plan for a 1-on-1 meeting with a web design specialist to help you build out your first website. This one-time fee is waived if you purchase the annual plan. Check out the video above to learn more about the new pricing.

Nowsite has introduced the nowsite Nerds program. The Nowsite Nerds are Nowsite specialists (think BestBuy Geek Squad but better) that are available to give you 1-on-1 help. There are Nowsite nerds for every tool that nowsite offers. There is a fee associated with the Nowsite Nerds coming in at $20 for a 30-minute meeting. Alternatively, you can sign up to nowsite marketing pro ($40/month) that gives you 60 minutes every month with a Nowsite Nerd. Check out the video down below to learn more about the Nowsite Nerd Program

UPDATE 01/19/21:

Nowsite has added enabled Instagram to work with its AI-powered social marketing tool which means the software can now recommend the best content for you to share on your Instagram account. Because of the nature of Instagram, you will only be able to use this feature on your mobile device using the Nowsite Mobile App.

Nowsite has Also restructured its pricing. Before it was $87 for the started package with 2 other tiers going much higher in price. The new structure has the starting price coming in at only $47 dollars and their entrepreneur tier coming in at $87. This makes this All-In-One marketing platform much more competitive with other programs on the market. Check out the image below to see what's offered with the new pricing structure.

Original Review Down Below.

What Is Nowsite?

Nowsite is an all-in-one marketing platform that offers something different than most of the other marketing and sales platforms you see on the internet. Nowsite is a platform built with powerful AI software that offers a number of useful tools that will help you get your business up running and recognized as quickly as possible.

How Does Nowsite Work?

As I mentioned earlier Nowsite is built around AI software. Because of this, the AI platform can build and cater the platform to your business's particular needs doing a lot of the heavy lifting for you. All you need to do is answer a few questions at the beginning and the AI will start building your online business.

What Does Nowsite Offer?

Nowsite is an all-in-one marketing suite powered by AI targeted toward helping beginners getting their first online business up and running as quickly as possible. Here is a quick list of what you can expect from Nowsite:

  • Website Builder

  • Social Media Marketing Tool

  • Email Marketing

  • SMS Marketing

  • Paid Ads Tool

  • Analytics Tool

  • Affiliate Program

Website Builder

For starters, Nowsite offers a website builder that you can either customize on your own or you can allow the AI software to create the website for you. Not only will the AI build your website but it will assist you in building authority in whatever business field or niche you're in by suggesting and generating content for your website.

As I mentioned a few lines earlier the website editor is customizable similar to other platforms like ClickFunnels and Kartra. if you want a little more control then you can drag and drop elements onto your website, add columns, rows, text, images, videos, and so on. just like the editor in ClickFunnels the editor is pretty basic and lacks some of the more advanced features you may find with something like WordPress.

Social Media And Email Marketing Tool

Nowsite allows you to link your social media profiles to the platform and the AI will recommend and generate content for those platforms as well. These posts are customizable and you can change and edit them however you like.

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You can also use this platform to collect emails and send out email newsletters to your subscribers. The AI will also recommend and share the best articles for your subscribers to try and keep them engaged.

SMS Marketing Tool

SMS marketing is another tool under the nowsite marketing belt. If your business involves collecting phone numbers you can use this tool to send news and updates to your subscribers. This something you don't really see other platforms offering.

Paid Ads Tool

If you have extra cash to spend you can use nowsite to launch ad campaigns. Currently, it appears that only retargeting ad campaigns are available but no doubt seeing as the tabs are there they'll expand different online ad campaign options.

Analytic Tool

You can also track your website stats with the analytics tab. It displays traffic, social media engagement, website engagement as well as subscribers in a clean and easy-to-understand way.

Affiliate Program

If you're interested in promoting Nowsite as an affiliate they have a pretty interesting affiliate program. What makes it interesting is that they use a hybrid system. You can earn direct commissions from anyone who signs up using your affiliate links and you can also earn additional commissions by building a team network marketing style.

Now I'm not really a fan of MLM-style pay structures but because you are able to earn direct affiliate commissions I see it as an additive bonus to make money. You can check out the video down below if you want to learn about the commission structure.

FYI there's an option when you're first setting up to promote Nowsite and the AI will set up your website to promote the platform which is pretty cool.

Community And Support

There are quite a few things in this department that Nowsite does differently from other platforms but let's start off with the basics first. Nowsite has a large content library of useful information to help you get to know the platform.

If you need further support you can call Nowsite customer service directly. You also have the option of reaching out via live chat or video call.

Now there two are additional features that greatly increase your chances of succeeding with the platform with the first being their interactive tutorials. Nowsite has interactive tutorials that will help you navigate the platform and get a better understanding of how everything works.

The way it works is that depending on what section you are in you can click on a button in the lower right-hand corner that says "Get Started" once you do that the tutorial will start and you will be given a set of tasks to complete related to that section. there will be these bubbles that appear giving you a better understanding of how everything in that particular section works.

Personally, I like this approach because you're not just sitting there getting overwhelmed from reading or watching videos. It's a nice mix of information and interaction. Honestly, It reminds me of a video game tutorial where the game will lock you into taking an action before allowing you to continue.

Their other support related feature is their team feature. Nowsite allows you to search out and join teams from within the platform. This is a great way to connect with like-minded people and get support from people who are already experienced and have a level of success with the platform. The other benefit is that you don't have to leave the platform.

Most people use private Facebook groups for community support. This doesn't always pan out especially because Facebook has a ton of distractions. This can seriously be detrimental especially if you trying to get help and you're getting frustrated because there's a flood of newbies like you asking questions with no answers or responses to be found. You can find yourself doing other things on Facebook completely unrelated to what you're there for.

How Much Does Nowsite Cost?

Nowsite has 3 subscription plans. Their lowest plan the entrepreneur plan comes in at $87 a month which falls in line with other platforms like ClickFunnels. Their middle plan will cost you $167 per month and their top tier plan comes in at $327 per month. They have the same features but with the higher tier plan, you'll have higher limits of use. You can check out the image below to see exactly what you get from each package. If you're a beginner the entrepreneur package is more than enough to get you started.

Personal Thoughts

The AI is the game-changer here. You have a system here that not only builds your website but fills it with content too. Content is Key in this online space. You have to be able to provide value and build trust if you want to succeed and the AI does a fairly good job of finding niche relevant content to help you build authority in your field. This in my opinion is great for beginners.

As your learning and trying to figure things out you can lean on the AI to start building the foundations of your business.

It isn't all sunshine and rainbows though. The content isn't custom so you'll still have to put in some level of work and put out more personal content to make yourself stand out against the competition. The AI will however take some of the load off so that you can focus more on putting out personal content or you can take that extra time to actually promote your business.

As I've mentioned multiple times throughout the review Nowsite is great for beginners but it's not great for everybody. If you already have an established online business or you have a good level of experience when it comes to building websites or launching email campaigns then you may not like this platform.

Nowsite suffers from the same issues that other platforms like ClickFunnels And Kartra suffer from. The issue that they suffer from is that they are a jack of all trades master of none type of platform. What I mean by this is that while there are plenty of features, editing tools, and customization options on the platform they are basic at best.

Nowsite doesn't offer some of the more advanced features that something like a dedicated website hosting platform or a dedicated email autoresponder service would offer. This isn't necessarily a bad thing but people who like to tinker, set up more complex systems, or edit code may want to look elsewhere.

Should You Sign Up To Nowsite?

If you're an absolute beginner to the internet or to building an online business then the answer is yes! The AI built into the platform will assist you and make sure you are moving your online business in the right direction. The interactive tutorials give you the information you need to better understand the platform while simultaneously conditioning you to take action.

For those of you looking for the fastest way to get your business up and running then this platform is also for you. once you answer a few questions at the beginning the AI will get to work building your website and generating content for you.

Again for those of you who are advanced, you may not find what you need and should probably look elsewhere.

All in all, Nowsite is a great platform that I Absolutely recommend. Click the link below if you want to sign up and get started with Nowsite.

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