Now LifeStyle 2.0 Honest Review

Now Lifestyle has recently relaunched with their new focus on Internet marketing and in this review, we’re going to do a deep dive into the program and find out whether or not you can use this system to actually build an online business.

Now LifeStyle: Overview

Name: Now LifeStyle

Owner: Joel Therien


Training: Yes

Tools: Yes

Support: Yes

Community: Yes

Affiliate Program: Yes

Price: Gold Package ($47/month), Platinum Package ($97/month), Resellers License ($25/month), Trial ($1/14 day)

Recommend: Yes

Now Lifestyle: Before the Relaunch

If you’ve been searching the internet for reviews about Now Lifestyle then you’ve probably come across several reviews about the company and might be confused about what they actually offer so before I actually start the review let me briefly talk about the original focus of Now Lifestyle.

Now Lifestyle was launched in 2017 as an MLM Company. The focus at the time was on health and fitness products (Now Body). The company did some restructuring and now in 2020 with their relaunch, the focus is geared toward internet marketing.

So again if you’re seeing reviews talking about their health and fitness products then these are older reviews that may not have been updated yet so hopefully, that clears up some confusion.

Who Is the creator?

Joel Therien is the CEO and co-founder. He also owns a company called Global Virtual Opportunities which is a company that offers web hosting and other internet-based services. For the relaunch of Now LifeStyle, Joel has partnered with Nick Anderson and Kyle Weber, two very experienced digital marketers.

Now Lifestyle: What Do You Get?

Now Lifestyle is a hybrid digital marketing platform that tries to take the best of internet marketing and network marketing and put it together into one system. I’ll cover the network marketing stuff later in the review but for now, Here’s what Now Lifestyle offers:

  • Authority Website

  • E-mail autoresponder

  • Landing page builder

  • Live Conference room

  • Video Sharing

  • Now Academy

  • Affiliate Program

The tools mentioned above are geared toward helping you build an online business with affiliate marketing and with Now Academy they're going to give you the education to go right along with those tools.

Here’s an image of the member's area so you can get a general idea of what you can expect:

Every tool in the member's area has its own dedicated training video. These videos show you how the tools work, how to navigate through the menus of that tool, and how to actually set up that particular tool. you'll find the training video icon for each tool at the top right corner of the screen.

How much does it cost?

Now Lifestyle has a monthly subscription model and offers three packages:

  • Gold ($49)

  • Platinum ($99)

  • Enterprise ($299)

There's also a $25 monthly resellers fee if you want to be an affiliate. If you sign up from someone's affiliate link then you will get a 14 day trial for $1 and after that, you will be charged full price plus the resellers fee (so instead of the gold package being $49 a month it will be $74 a month).

What’s The Commission Structure?

Because there’s an affiliate program attached you can earn commissions whenever someone signs up using your affiliate link. You’ll earn 50% in commissions every month as long as your referrals stay active members.

There are also 4 High ticket training programs that are part of the Now Academy. These are very well put together training programs with tons of information that will help take your online business to the next level. You can also earn 50% in commissions from these programs as well This is what comes with Now Academy:

  • Personal Branding Blueprint ($497)

  • Team Branding Blueprint ($497)

  • Email Marketing Mastery ($497

  • Million Dollar Presentation Formula ($997)

There’s an additional way to earn extra commissions and that’s where the network marketing portion comes into play. You can earn an additional 50% in commissions by assigning people to your left and right legs (25% per leg).

Now LifeStyle: Community And Support

There's tons of support with Now LifeStyle. For starters, this is a hybrid system which means it still pulls some things from network marketing. Whether you sign up with a person's affiliate links or not once you sign up you will be assigned to a sponsor. Your sponsor can then reach out to you and assist you with any questions or issues you may have.

At the very top of the page, there is also a support link where you can submit a ticket, view the status of submitted tickets, or live chat with customer service.

In the community tab, you can tune into live webinars host by Joel Therien and his team every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Again these webinars are live so you can interact with both the host and other Now LifeStyle members. You can also invite other people to these webinars as guests who can also interact and ask questions.

Finally Now LifeStyle and a very active Facebook group with over fifty thousand people. You can find Joel posting regularly with updates and as you scroll through the post you can also see group members actively helping each other out which seeing as most products and programs that offer private Facebook groups are often barren and lack any sort of real support.

Personal Thoughts

To be completely honest with you for a minute this review left me torn. On the one hand, Now Lifestyle provides all the things I look for in a good program. There are very few out there that give you the tools, the training, and the support. It’s perfect for anybody looking to start an online business.

On the other hand, it still has that Network Marketing Element to it. I’ve been burnt by a couple of MLM’s in the past (Yeah I'm looking at you Wake Up Now and You too Wealth Generators). These Companies were all hype and just as fast as they got thousands of people involved they disappeared without a trace.

Wake Up Now Stung the most. I actually made it to their 600 club which was basically where you recruited 12 people to make $600 a month for as long as your down-line stayed active. Shortly after I accomplished that goal the founder of the company abandoned WakeUpNow to start another company and all those who were struggling to get their 12 were left with no way to get their hard-earned money back... including my down-line. Imagine having to explain to all the people under you who were relying on you that they have been ripped off.

Had Now Lifestyle stayed under their old structure this review wouldn’t exist. I prefer not to give any MLM the time of day...but this one is a little different. The tools and the direct sales approach make this much more appealing and in my eyes provides REAL value.

Is Now Lifestyle Legit?

As far as I can tell Now Lifestyle is legit. Joel Therien is a respected marketer, his company Global Virtual Opportunities, Inc. which Now Lifestyle falls under Is a legit registered company, they have a real address and location. I’ll also add this here but Now Lifestyle does have a decent refund policy as well.

Who Is Now Lifestyle For?

The tools and training provided help build a personal brand and become an authority in your chosen niche online. This gives you the opportunity to either sell your own products or become an affiliate promoting other people's products. You can technically build your business without ever having to recruit a single person.

For those of you who like the networking aspect of MLM’s but don't want to deal with the garbage nonsense of having to recruit large amounts of people before you can earn any sort of income then you may be interested in this program. The direct sales nature of the program means you can start earning passive income right away. This not only benefits you but helps motivate the people under you as well.

Should You Get Now Lifestyle?

I’m honestly impressed. It has everything I look for in a program that helps you build a real and sustainable business online. Marketing for Now Lifestyle has been on the realistic side of the spectrum and so far they're doing a really good job of molding both digital marketing and network marketing into one solid package.

I'm optimistic that Now LifeStyle will be around for years to come but at the same time I'm also keeping a close eye on this one and if anything changes I'll definitely update this review.

For now, though I recommend you try the program. It has everything you need to start building a successful online business. If you're ready to start building your online business click on the link below to sign up and start your free trial. Also if you sign up using the link I will send you my Super Affiliate Profit Kit Bonus Bundle. What do you think About Now LifeStyle? Let me know in the comments.

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