Make Quick Cash Online Testing Games

Today I've got a few legitimate ways for you to earn income online testing and playing upcoming mobile and pc games

playtest cloud - site where you get paid to test upcoming games - primarily looking for mobile testers but pc may also be available - microphone and possibly headphones required - test play through required to get accepted - required to talk through and explain each play through - play through's generally last between 15 and 30 minutes - new game offer come through email - they have an active social media accounts - typically make between $9 and $11 per play through - payments are made through paypal once a week

Bananatic - earn cash for playing games - games come in both PC form and mobile form - earn points that can be converted into cash

- cash out through paypal - points are earn by downloading games, registering games, completing quest within games, reviewing games, making videos about games, sharing games with your friends. - games are legit real deal games you can play from beginning to end and have hours of fun with - doesn't take long to cash out - microphone and headphones may be required for reviews - certain game require your in-game nickname in order to obtain your points - certain games require you to take screenshots of your in-game progress in order to gain points - infinite access to earn points to play games


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