Make Money Online Listening To Music

If you have a steady internet connection and some headphones then you can earn money listening to music and reviewing it online. Here are a couple of websites to check out.

Slice The Pie - earn cash giving giving feedback on music - earn bonuses on certain genres - can also review clothing for cash - cash paid via paypal (converted to native currency) - earn between .02 and .20 cents per review - must listen to at least 90 secs (minute and a half) of music - has active social media accounts - available in other countries

Playlist Push - get paid to listen and review and add music to a playlist - available to anybody who has spotify and a paypal account - start off earning $1 per song - gradual increase to $12 per song - cash out through paypal - payouts weekly - must have at least 400 spotify followers

Playlist Push takes a bit of to set up time to set up if you do things organically but you shorten the time by setting up a spotify account creating a specific playlist then heading over to fiverr and paying $5 dollar to have between 500 and 1200 people follow your spotify profile. Once you get accepted you can easily get make that $5 back with just a few songs. you can check out fiverr here.


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