Make $1000 Per Week Reading Books

So here is a potential way for you to potentially make 1000 dollars a week just from reading books online and you’ll be doing through an amazon owned site called ACX. ACX stands for Audiobook Creation Exchange. The purpose of this site is to connect publishers, writers, rights holders, and professional narrators together for the sole purpose of creating creating audiobooks. What we’ll be looking at today is becoming professional narrators or what they like to call it Audiobook producer.

So what are you gonna need to get started?

A computer

A good Recording Mic

Audio editing software

Dedicated space away from noise and interruptions while you record

Something I want to mention before I continue is that if your concerned about needing to have some level of experience don't worry ACX has a nice section for newbies that will cover everything you need in order to get started. I'll cover that in just a little bit.

So the first thing you want to do is head over to Next you want to hit the how it works tab and select narrator. Take a minute to scroll through the page and get an ideo of how things work. There will also be 2 links at the top for newbies just starting out. The first link will take you to a page where they have tutorials covering everything you need to get started as well as links to any equipment or software you may need. The second link will provide you with a way to hire a professional to help you get situated. The choice is yours in how you want to get started.

So now that we see how being a narrator works lets sign up and get started

Scroll back up to where it says sign up on ACX and click on that link. Because this site is associated with amazon they will ask you to log into your amazon account before proceeding. If you don’t have an amazon account create one now so you can continue. Once you do that you’ll be sent to a page where you need to fill out some information. Unfortunately because I already signed up I can't show you what the page looks like but it's fairly simple to fill out just make sure for the box that asks you why you’re on the site make sure you select narrator.