Dealing With Information Overload

We all have times when we feel as if there is too much to do and not enough time to get it done. But, how does that explain those people who are super-productive and seem to get so much more done than the average person?

The best way to explain it is that they’ve learned how to focus on what’s most important to them at the time. They’ve taught themselves to block out all the noise that comes from the internet, social media and email that leads to confusion and overwhelm.

- Determine what’s important

When it comes to achieving any type of goal it’s important to prioritize and learn how to say no to habitual time wasters. Let’s face it there are some things that we do daily that may seem important but they don’t really propel us towards our goals. We’re all guilty of this from time to time, but if you want to be successful it’s important to determine what’s most important, so you can focus.

To help avoid this, sit down and make a list of your daily tasks. Divide that list in to two categories. What will help you reach your goal and what won’t. After you have your list prioritize the tasks according to importance. Of course, you’ll have things on your list that you must do like laundry and errands that won’t necessarily help you reach your goals, but by prioritizing the goal oriented tasks you’ll gain greater focus and clarity.

- Schedule everything

Once you know what’s important, use a good calendar to schedule everything, including leisure time. Spontaneity is nice, but we don’t always have time for it and while it may not sound romantic to schedule date night with your spouse at least it will ensure that it happens. Just make sure when you’re scheduling things to be realistic about your time, so you don’t overbook yourself.

- Say no

You probably have a lot of people, family, friends, your co-workers asking you to do all sorts of things to help them and while being kind and helpful are wonderful traits that will serve you well in life at some point there must be a line drawn. If the things they want help with are keeping you from reaching your goals and they are perfectly capable of doing them themselves then (for you) they are time wasters.

Realize that it’s OK to say no to things that just don’t align with your goals. It’s even okay if people think you’re a horrible person for saying no, but most of the time they won’t, especially if they care about you. They’ll either get used to it and find someone else to do it or better yet do it themselves.