Affiliate Marketing In 6 Easy Steps

Affiliate Marketing, it's in every ad, a part of almost every website, and 9 times out of 10 the places you go for information and entertainment applies or implements affiliate marketing in some form or another. So how do you get in on the action?

1.Choose A Niche

What do you want to be an authority or specialize in? This will determine the type of content you create and the products you will promote. When choosing a niche make sure you choose something your interested in you can find yourself getting bored and bouncing around from niche to niche and that going to get you nowhere fast.

2.Choose A Platform

After you choose a niche you need to choose a platform to create content and promote products on. If you don't mind being on camera or recording videos YouTube is probably the best option for that. If you would rather be behind the scenes then creating a website may be your best option.

If you’re going to go the YouTube route be sure to check out my video strategy guide in the resources tab that shows you how to structure your video as well as printable template you can use when putting your videos together.

If you go the website route (which I highly recommend) you can get cheap domain names and hosting From sites like Bluehost, and Godaddy. An alternative would be wealthy affiliate.

You can build a site for free and you also have free access to tons of training and a large community of people ready to help you with any issue you may have

You can check out wealthy affiliate here.

3.Choose a product

You have the niche, you know what platform you’re going to create content on it’s time to choose what products your going to promote. Here’s a few places where you can check out.

Digital Products

  • Clickbank

  • Jvzoo

  • Warrior Plus

  • CJ Affiliate

  • Promote Labs

Physical Products

  • Amazon Associates

  • Ebay Partner Program

  • Walmart Affiliate Program

  • Target Affiliate Program

  • Share A Sale

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