6 Legitimate Work From Home Virtual Assistant Job

If you have a good level of discipline, a phone, a computer, and a steady internet connection then here are 6 legitimate work at home opportunities as a virtual assistant for you to check out.

Upwork - make money online as a virtual assistant - offers a variety of different work at home assistant opportunities - available worldwide - you may be recommended to clients or you can place bids for work - make between 18 and 24 dollars an hour depending on the task - get paid via Paypal - you set up a payment schedule - has moderate requirement ceiling - tools, software, equipment, etc. determined by the person or organization assigning the job

Zirtual - Work from home as a virtual assistant - different opportunities available - US only - go through the traditional job application process - high requirement ceiling - make between $13 and $18 an hour - paid through Paypal or direct deposit - active social media account

$99 social - work from home opportunity - manage social media accounts - moderate requirement ceiling - requires you to be able to manage a large number of social media accounts at a time - get paid flat rate - rate equates to about $12 an hour - Active social media account

VaSumo - work at home opportunity - work as a virtual assistant - available for the U.S and Canada only - moderate requirement ceiling

Vicky Virtual - work at home opportunity - virtual receptionist - The U.S only - moderate requirement ceiling - $10 an hour

Virtual Office Va Staffing

- work from home opportunity - gathering information real estate related (no sales) - The U.S. only - moderate requirement ceiling - starting at $9 an hour

Task Rabbit

This site is primarily geared toward physical tasks like moving, maintenance, and handy work but there is a small section on the website where you can get work as a virtual assistant. Unlike most of the other listings on this post, you can reach to people who are in need of your services and you can then negotiate your price. Task Rabbit is available in the U.S.


Similar to Task Rabbit, Airtasker has a strong focus on providing physical tasks but they do have opportunities available for you to work as a remote assistant (much more than Task Rabbit actually). Just like Task Rabbit, you can check out their website to find people who are in need of your services and you can negotiate a price. Airtasker isn't currently available in the U.S but is available in Australia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

With most of these, they have a moderate requirement ceiling meaning it doesn't require anything like college degrees or experience working at big corporate jobs.

most of the requirements want you to have some experience, dedicated hours, a computer with a good internet connection, and a good knowledge of the internet.


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