5 Ways To Improve Your Landing Pages

The design and structure of your landing page is vital to its success especially in 2019. The purpose of your landing page to get your lead to provide their email address. Here are 5 Ways you can improve your landing page.

Simple Or Relevant Background

Landing page backgrounds don’t always need to be flashy. It may look cool and but it may not help the person arriving to your landing page in fact it may be a distraction. If you feel the need to add a background to your landing page make sure it helps the person landing on the page envision that scenario or outcome they are looking for.

Theme And Color Scheme

Next up themes and color schemes. Choose a theme or colors that best represent the product or brand. The biggest thing you want is to make sure of is that these colors contrast well especially when you have a bunch of text on your landing page. Have you ever landed on a page where you could barely read the text? It sucks and will turn you off very quickly.

Mobile Optimization

Next is mobile optimization. Something to be aware of is the appearance of your landing page on a mobile device. depending on what platform you use to create them your landing page may not convert to mobile well. it may look perfect when viewing from desktop but once you switch to mobile your theme, colors, and text may not appear properly so make sure before you publish a landing page you check to make sure everything looks right across all devices.

Make Your Call To Action Button Stand Out

Make sure your Call To Action button sticks out. Little things like adding a shadow under the button can make your CTA stick out giving it a more 3D type of look which can really make can really make a difference. Something else you can do to make sure you CTA stands out is the inclusion of arrows pointing to your button. You don’t need to go crazy one or two is fine. The final thing I want to mention when it comes to the CTA is the wording. Most button layouts come with the same default “download” or “enter” and it's just that, standard. Wording like “claim my free copy” or “sign me up” stand out way better. This first person approach works well because your pretty much helping the viewer make the decision. it's as if they are making the choice themselves and not you making it for them.

Reinforce The Benefits Of the Offer

Next up, when creating your landing page, let people know what they are getting into. You still see landing pages with big flashy headlines but no substance. This doesn’t need to be long and complicated something simple as bullet points can go a long way. You’ll have a much better

chance of someone giving up their email and clicking on your links if they understand exactly what they are getting into.

It's getting really competitive out here. Everybody is trying to get you to subscribe to their email list or buy their product and little things like a well crafted landing page can go a long way.

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