5 Ways To Work From Home Doing Voice-Over Work

If you think you have a decent sounding voice and a good audio recording setup here are a few sites you can check out that will pay you for your voice.


  • Get paid for providing your voice.

  • Make money using your voice voice over work for audio book narration, e-learning, videos, mobile apps, short film projects free to sign up and start looking for gigs

  • Has a premium membership option which gives your profile higher ranking so you can apply for more gigs

  • Gigs require you to audition for the job by sending in a recording of your voice in mp3 format

  • Depending on the type of gig you can between $100 and $2000 a gig paid via check or paypal

  • Has an active social media accounts


  • Make money providing your voice voice work for audio book, narration, e-learning, videos,mobile apps, short film project, company related jobs like greetings and answering services

  • Free to sign up

  • Has premium and platinum paid options so you can get better gigs much sooner

  • Can make anywhere between $100 and $2000 a gig

  • Choose how you get paid (paypal, credit card, money order)

  • Active social media accounts


  • Make money recording your voice

  • Voice recording for companies needing greetings, phone, and other automated answering services

  • Free signup

  • Must include voice over demo as part of signup

  • Make $10 for your first 100 words

  • Pay is increased you pass 100 words

  • Recording must be delivered within 3 days

  • Paid via paypal

  • Has an active social media accounts


If you're looking for something a little bit more freelance you can check out fiverr.com. With fiverr you can sign up as a seller as list all the voice services you provide you can also set your own price.


Another option is Voice Bunny. With Voice Bunny you take on gigs but with this one you can set your own prices and rates.

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