5 Productivity Apps That Will Make Life Easier

With so many distractions fighting for your attention productivity can often go right out the window so in today's video I'm going to be sharing 5 apps that will help.


First up Trello. Trello is a task management app with a ton of features set up in a pretty creative way. Essentially you create boards these boards I guess you can say would be your main projects. Within those boards, you set up cards. The cards would be the tasks or assignments that fall under the project. Within those cards, you can set up a checklist of things that are needed to be to complete that task. You can also leave little notes and comments as well.

Trello allows you to manage the boards solo or if you have a team you can assign your team members to specific tasks. You can share links to your board, you can set up timers, notifications and due dates for tasks that need to be done by a certain time.

One of the features I like the most is actually the widget I can put all cards assigned to me front and center on my screen so I can always see what tasks I need to complete next. The interface is nice but….. it can be a little tricky to set up at the beginning. Once you get the hang of it though you’ll find it’s a pretty nice app to have in your arsenal. Trello is primarily free to use with some extra add-ons you can pay to use. Trello can be found on android, ios, mac, and windows pc


Next on the list is Any.do. Any.do is a super simple task management app. you can add tasks with dates, times, and reminder notifications straight to on the home page or you can hit the menu icon and put your tasks into lists. you can also sync your device’s calendar and add your tasks that way. Any.do is free to use with a paid subscription that adds a few extra features.

The subscription comes with a 7-day free trial and afterward its $31 yearly. Any.do can be found on android, ios, and pc.


Next up is Toggl. Toggl works a little differently than the last 2 apps. Toggl works more like an active timer for the current task you’re undertaking. When you first start the app there’s a little green button you can use to start the timer so you basically time yourself to see how long it takes you to complete your tasks. You can then check your stats to see how fast or how long it's taking to complete current tasks versus tasks you’ve completed in the past. with this app you can sync your device's calendar and tasks associated with your calendar to toggl and time those tasks as well.

Toggl is free and doesn’t appear to have any type of paid addons or paid subscriptions for mobile apps. At least for android anyways. If you're on IOS and use this app shout out in the comments below if you guys have a paid plan. There’s also the desktop version of toggl as well. The desktop version does have paid monthly and annual plans which seem to add things like team management. If you're looking for a way to speed up your workflow improve efficiency give toggl a try.


Todoist is another slick task management app. You can schedule tasks or projects for the current day or up to the next 7 days. You can set projects by category and priority, as well as assigning projects to other people. Projects and tasks can be set with times, due dates, and notifications as well.

Todist is another free app to use with a paid subscription that adds additional features like adding comments and sharing files, statistics, and auto backup of projects. Todoist can be found on android and ios.


Nature lovers this last app is for you. The app is called Forest and this app works a little bit differently from other apps. The purpose of this app is to stop you from getting distracted by your phone. You do this by growing a tree.

The type of tree you grow is based on the time you set for your task or project. Once you set your timer and hit plant you will start off as a seed that will slowly grow into a tree... that is if you can restrain from using your phone.

See every time you use your phone while this app is active it will start to kill your tree. The more time you spend on your phone the more damage you do the tree. Although the concept is a little weird I can see this app working once you realize you are damaging your tree which will trigger you into putting your phone down and continuing the task or project you were working on… or you can be like me and find yourself staring at the tree and not really getting anything done.

Successfully growing trees meaning you completed your task without interruptions nets you in-game currency so you can purchase other trees and ambient sounds to play in the background. I will say this app works best with some focus or meditation music but it's best to start the music up first before you start the app (don’t hurt your tree).

If you're looking for something different then check out forest it's definitely one more creative productivity apps. Forest is free to use for both Android and IOS

So that's it for my five app picks for productivity. Do you guys have any apps you prefer to use? Share them in the comments.


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