30 Easy Ways To Make Money Fast

On this page, you'll find some of the best ways to make money both online and offline in your spare time. If you're looking for a quick cash infusion take a quick scroll down the page and see if you can find something that works for you.

User Feedback

These websites will pay you instant cash for testing out their websites, apps, and social media profiles then providing useful feedback. They may even ask you to check out products at a local store and record or to try a product and leave video feedback. These Websites Anywhere from $5 for smaller tasks up to $30 for the much larger task. These tasks usually don't take long tasks usually take up to 20 minutes but on rare occasions can take up to 45 minutes. Here are some user feedback sites that I recommend:

Survey Sites

Coming in right behind user feedback sites are survey sites. These sites pay you to complete surveys, install and use apps, watch videos, and shop at a partner store. These websites typically reward you with points that you convert into cash but there are some survey sites that pay you straight up cash for completing their surveys. These survey sites come in the form of both websites and apps so you have plenty of options to choose from to keeps the cash coming in. Survey sites typically don't pay high but because they're so easy you can get paid often so it kind of balances out. Here are some of the best survey site that I've used and personally recommend:

Task Rabbit And Air Tasker

If you're looking for something more physical you can check out both Task Rabbit and Air Tasker to put some quick cash into your pocket. These apps allow you to take on a multitude of tasks such as TV mounting, moving furniture, cleaning, and delivery. pricing is flexible so you have a little bit more control over how much you make with these apps. You can check out both sites here:

Delivery Services

If you have a vehicle and you're looking for a way to make some quick cash then here are a few apps you can use to take advantage of your vehicle and make money

Amazon ACX​

If you love to read or you have a good voice you can sign up for Amazon ACX and do voice-over work for amazon's audible audiobooks. You will so gear for this but you can make up to $1000/month with this service which is nothing to sneeze at.

Amazon ACX

Get Paid To Rent out Your Parking Space

If you have extra parking space be it your driveway or a parking lot you can use these websites to post your parking space and get paid daily. What's great about these websites is that they allow you to set your own price so you can literally charge however much you want for your parking space. Here are some websites you can check out to rent out your parking space:

Transcription Services

If you're good with typing you can sign up for one of these transcription sites and get paid to transcribe video and audio files into texts or captions. here are the sites you can sign up to do transcribing:

Virtual Assistant

Another way to make money is to become a virtual assistant there are plenty of sites where you can do things like data input.

Sell Your Notes

If You're a college student and you have a ton of notes and summaries instead of just throwing them away when you're finished with them how about selling them online for cash.

There a quite a few sites where you can post your notes and summaries and make quite a bit of cash for them. Here are some of the best sites that I've found:

Hideout TV - Get Paid To Watch Videos

Usually, when you're watching videos online the person you are watching is ultimately benefiting monetarily for you watching their video. But what if you got paid to watch videos?

Well, you're in luck because you have the opportunity to make money every time you watch videos online. In comes, Hideout TV this site is a video hosting site almost completely identical to youtube.

The biggest difference is that every time you watch those annoying ads that play throughout the videos you actually get paid for watching them. While it isn't much it can quickly add up over time you can literally just play a video and let run. The ads will automatically play in between videos and Hideout TV will autoplay the next video coming up so you can literally set it and forget it. If you're already watching videos all day why not get paid for it

You can check out HideOut Tv Here

There are many other creative ways to make money. I'll make sure to update this post as I find more ways for you to make money both online and offline.


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