3 Ways You Can Make Money Online Transcribing

If you have a computer and you have pretty decent typing skills here are 3 sites you can check out

where you get paid to transcribe.

Rev.com - Make money transcribing English audio or English video into text - Can work from home (freelance)or traditional 9 to 5 - Earn .36 to .65 cent for audio transcriptions and .45 to .75 for video captions - Money is earned per video or audio minute not to be confused with per actual minute - Money is sent to you weekly via paypal - Works best with people who can type really fast and can focus - Has an active social media account - Best used as side income

WeLocalize.com - Earn money transcribing music lyrics - Work from home opportunity - $4 for every song transcribed - Requires itunes, icloud account and a gmail account. - Uses hyperwallet basically a paypal service as their payout service - Can be accessed world wide

TranscribeMe.com - Start off making money transcribing small clips - Work from home - Sign up is easy - Advance transcription jobs for more experienced transcribers - Get paid per video/ audio minute - Get paid through paypal - Active social media accounts - World wide access

As I mentioned earlier these type of jobs require some decent typing skill and a good level of focus but if you think you can handle it then by all mean go for it.


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