3 Ways You Can Make Money Online Teaching Kids

If you've got a decent computer, a webcam, and a steady internet connection here are 3 ways you can make money from home teaching kids online.

K12.com - make money online as a virtual teacher - work from home - US Only - teaching traditional classes English, social studies, foreign languages etc. - grades range from kindergarten to 12th grade - public and private teaching options - teaching materials are provided to you (virtual public teacher) - has high requirement ceiling - steady internet connection - virtual teachers make on average (based on info from glassdoor.com) 39k which breaks down to 3,300 a month - requires a lot of your time

VipKid - make money online teaching kids in china English - work from home opportunity - US/ Canada only - teaching kids in china the English language - flexible hours, 30 minute sessions with kids - starting between $7 and $11 for every 30 minute session - ability to get a pay raise - 6 month contracts - high requirement ceiling

DaDa - Make money online teaching kids in china English - kids range from kindergarten to 9th grade - work at home opportunity - available worldwide - requires you to speak fluent English - minimum requires work hours 2 hours at least 2 days a week - starting pay between $15 and $25 an hour with average starting pay(based on info from glassdoor.com) being $18 - moderately high requirement ceiling

As i mentioned with each site they have high requirement ceilings. Basically each one of these sites requires a bachelors degrees (field doesn't matter just the degree itself), some type of teaching certification and some time and experience as a teacher. They Also want to make sure you're kid friendly basically meaning a background check.


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