3 Ways You can make cash testing websites

If you have a steady internet connection here are a few ways you can make money online testing apps and websites.

User Testing, User Feel

These first two i bunched together simply because they function pretty much the same.

User Test, User Testing, User feel: - make money testing websites and giving feedback - earn between $8 and $10 per session - sessions usually last between 15 and 20 minutes - tests are sent to you through email - cash payout through paypal - cash payout weekly - requires you to take practice test - requires you to have a special screen capture software - requires you to have a decent microphone - requires you to speak your experience out loud - surveys are also given at the end of each session - claim to be available world wide - have active social media accounts

You can sign up to each site here:



This next one has a little bit more substance and you can earn more from it but there is slightly more work involved.

TestingTime - make money testing apps and websites - earn up to $50 a session - sessions can last up to 2 hours - tests are sent through email - cash payout through paypal - cash payout is weekly - requires a practice session for approval - requires Skype or in person meeting - requires a good microphone - a short questionnaire for eligibility before each test - has an active social media account


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