10 Must-Have Apps For Your Shopify Store

In a recent article I posted, I made a tutorial showing you how to start a Shopify store quickly (You Can Check That Out Here) but something didn’t cover in that article was the Shopify app store so today want to cover 10 must-have apps for your Shopify store.

What Is the Shopify App Store?

Like WordPress, Shopify has a wide range of apps and plugins that you can install and use with your Shopify store that will enhance some of its features which can make your customers experience as well as your experience running an online store a much better one. Let's take a look at 10 apps that I see as must-have apps for your Shopify store.


This one is simple. The Oberlo app allows you to run a dropshipping based Shopify store. This app allows you to add popular products to your store without ever owning any inventory. Whenever you have a customer that buys one of those products from your store the company will actually send out the products for you and you still make a profit.

Oberlo has a free plan as well as a couple of paid options as well. If you're looking to get your Shopify store up and running as quickly as possible then you definitely want to install Oberlo to your store.

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SEO Product Optimizer

So the first app you should check out is SEO Product optimizer. This app will help you rank your store and your products with google. The way it works is that this app uses AI to scan your store’s SEO score then it checks out the competition and based on the competition it will give you tags for products and recommendations to use with your product’s description to help you increase the rank of your own store. You definitely need a tool like this if you want to increase the chances of your store being seen and increase the chances of you getting people in your store and buying from you.

The app is simple and beginner-friendly so you don't need to worry about getting overwhelmed again this is a must-have if you want any chance of your store getting seen.

AfterShip tracking & notify

Next on the list is AfterShip tracking & notify.

This is an app that sends your customers to a specialized tracking page where your customers can find all the tracking information for their purchases. The unique thing about this app is that you can customize the tracking page.

Typically you’ll have a page with tracking information and then a link taking you to the site that’s actually delivering your purchases like USPS or FEDEX. With this app, you can customize the tracking page and you can guide your customers basically anywhere you want them to go like a link guiding back to your store, or a subscription form so that you can collect an email basically anywhere you want to send them. You can even use it as an upsell page to again get people to buy more form your store.

Aftership connects with over 650 carriers worldwide so there’s plenty of options when it comes to shipping and tracking. Aftership has A free forever plan with a 14 day trial to one of their paid plans.

AfterShip Return Center

Going right along with AfterShip tracking & notify. Is their app Aftership Return Center. This app allows your customer to set up and track their returns automatically without having to actually contact you. Just like with their track and notify app, you can customize the page to redirect your customers anywhere you want them to go or set up banners so that you can try to get them to purchase more from your store.

Just like with their other app they have a free forever plan with a 14 day trial to one of their paid plans.

Replay Live Session Recordings

Another awesome app to have in your Shopify arsenal is Replay Sessions Recording. This app records the actions your customers take as they go through your store.

Now Before I continue let me mention this app does not collect personal data it only records the pages or products your clicks on and how long they stay on the page. Again no personal data is collected.

With that being said this app is great for finding out what areas of your store are popular and what area of your store needs work. The app uses a heat map interface that will allow you to see the products and pages your customers are checking out in real-time.

This app is easy to set up and completely free to use.


Moving on we have privy. Privy is an email marketing tool for your Shopify store. Email marketing is still after all this time a viable way to turn leads into sales and turn your paying customers into returning customers.

I honestly don’t know where to start with privy because it has a lot to offer. What makes privy different from other email marketing apps is that it isn’t just an email marketing tool it actually serves as more of a what I’ll call a customer incentive tools. It has some of your basic features like entry and exit subscription popups abandoned cart reminders, your email autoresponder, as well as both email and SMS marketing campaigns. Then you have more of the incentive tools like pop up coupons and popup minigames like spin the wheel to get people fully engaged with your store.

Privy connects to platforms like Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Bronto, Smile, Octane, and Retention Rocket.

Privy has a free trial followed but a paid monthly subscription plan

Digital Downloads

This one is simple if you run a store where you sell digital products like audio files, images, luts, or media editing presets you can use the digital downloads app to allow people to download straight from your Shopify store instead of using an external website. This one is pretty simple and it’s free straight from Shopify itself.


If you plan on implementing Instagram into your marketing for your Shopify store Instafeed is a great way to do just that. Instafeed allows you to create a clean looking Instagram feed to your store that you can use to provide social proof for the products on your store or you can use your store to grow your Instagram following. It’s a lightweight app so you don’t have to worry about it slowing down your store.

Instafeed has a free forever plan as well as paid plans that give you extra features.


If you’re looking for a great way to increase sales on your store you can use the app Smile to

To include a reward, VIP, and a referral program to your Shopify store. Reward your customers with perks, discounts, and other incentives for buying from your store and referring your store to friends and family with referral links. This is a great way to build trust and loyalty as well as bring more traffic to your store

Smile has a free plan as well as paid pans


If you plan on having subscription-based products then the app subscription by ReCharge is an app worth looking into. As the name implies this app allows you to create subscription plans and it also allows your customers to manage their own subscriptions.

Subscription allows you to use it for free up until you make your first 100k then it turns into a paid subscription of $300 a month.

So these are my 10 must-have Shopify app. If you are planning on creating a Shopify store I would definitely check these apps out

Currently, Shopify is allowing you full access to run build and run your Shopify for free for up to 30 days. Click on the link below if you're ready to create your Shopify store.

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