Welcome to TayWilkins.com! In this section you'll find all sorts tools and resources that will help you start and grow your online business. These are tools that I personally use and highly recommend. Below you'll find some of the best deals I could find across the internet. Feel free to go through and take advantage of all these deals.

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Disclosure: Here at TayWilkins.com my goal is to help readers improve their online business. I also partner with companies that provide products and services. If a purchase or signup is made through the links below, I receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

This is personally where it started for me. Currently Skillshare is giving access to their library of 30,000 courses free for 14 days. If your serious about starting an online business then take a few courses, and build your skillset. and if your looking for an extra source of income take your new found skills and sign up to become a skillshare teacher.

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My good friend George A.K.A. Coach George has allowed me to share his awesome affiliate marketing course with you free for a limited time. This course is packed with tons of information and has everything you need to get your affiliate marketing business up and running quickly. Here's what you can expect when you from Coach George's Affiliate Marketing course:

  • Everything You Will Need Before Starting With Affiliate Marketing: Business name, website, Email

  • How To Create A 100% FREE Website

  • How To Pick The Right Affiliate Products

  • How To Keep Track Of Your PPC Ads

  • How To Create A FREE Report

  • FREE YouTube Marketing

  • Webinars And Live Streams 

  • My Personal SECRET Affiliate Formula

  • Facebook Marketing 

  • Instagram Marketing 

  • And Much More!

If you're serious about building an online business then I seriously recommend you check out Coach George's Affiliate Marketing course. Click Here To Claim Your Free Course Coupon Code


If your looking to build your brand on YouTube then check out this YouTube Beginners course from my good friend Jeremy Mura. He breaks down everything you need from actually setting up your channel to optimizing your channel for the most views. This course is packed with knowledge and Jeremy has allowed me to offer this course to you free for a limited time. Here's what you can expect from the YouTube For Beginners:

  • How to set up a YouTube channel step by step

  • Practical Tips for growing your channel

  • Researching trending content ideas

  • How to make people click your thumbnails

  • Creating a trendy YouTube banner

  • Understanding advanced analytics and audience

  • How to monetize and earn revenue

  • Using strategies to create content

  • Video tools and gear to use

  • Video Editing workflow and top plugins

  • How to increase views and engagement

If you're serious about starting and growing a successful YouTube channel then you definitely want to check out this course from Jeremy. Click Here To Claim Your Free Course Coupon Code

An online sales funnel builder that helps businesses market, sell, and deliver their products online. This tool simplifies online marketing, selling, and delivery of their products and services by providing users with lead magnets, landing pages, webinar funnels, memberships and much more. 

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Increase how many eyes see your YouTube video with TubeBuddy. Use TubeBuddy to optimize your video SEO, schedule videos, sort, prioritize, make custom cards, manage comments, bulk changes and more! Be sure check out the discount section before checkout where you can get full access for as low as $4.50! Sign up for TubeBuddy

Websites are important. It's something you should absolutely have if your running a business. A website is your personal real-estate on the internet and you control the type of content that goes on the website as well as how it's monetized. In order to have a live website you must first have web hosting.  


I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using SiteGround as your web hosting service. They make it super easy to setup your website and they have some of the fastest webhosting on the internet.  I have a special deal and it will ONLY cost you $6.99 a month to run your online website.  You just can't go wrong with this amazing deal! Claim Your Discount Here

Part of building an online business is collecting emails and promoting your services or products via email. 


I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using GetResponse for all your email marketing.  It's super easy to use plus they have beautiful automation templates that you can plugin and have your email automation up and running in minutes that will make you money while you sleep. Get Response will help you control your email marketing plus much more.


This is by far the best and most flexible platform to use for beginners! 

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If you're looking to sell your own products online or want to get into dropshipping then look no further than Shopify. Have your Shopify store up, running, and filled with products within minutes with their highly customizable themes apps and plugins. Shopify is the #1 platform for E-Commerce and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Shopify especially if you want to dropship. Claim Your 14 Day Free Trial Here

Disclosure: Here at TayWilkins.com my goal is to help readers improve their online business. I also partner with companies that provide products and services. If a purchase or signup is made through the links below, I receive compensation for the referral. Learn More


Hey, my name is Tay, and welcome to TayWilkins.com. Here I share knowledge that I have collected over the years as a digital marketer to show people how to leverage the power of internet to build and scale a profitable business online.

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