Hey, My Name is Tay and over the last few years, I've been able to start & build my own profitable online affiliate marketing business completely from home, that generates income for me every day.

AND the best part is you never have to manage inventory, deal with annoying customers, or struggle with getting traffic!

Click on the button below to learn how I was able to do this, and how you can get started as well, even as a complete beginner.


A Successful Online Business Needs A Few Simple Things:

  • A Proven Duplicatable System That Gets Real Results

  • Understanding The 3 Things You Need To Create A Sustainable Online Business (Mindset, Traffic & Conversions)

  • A Supportive Community Of Like-Minded People

About Tay:

It wasn't easy creating life-changing income online, but I was able to do it within just a few

years. It took a lot of failures, obstacles, and mishaps but with some consistency, focus, and a strong desire to support my family, there was no stopping me! 


Believe it or not, I started my "career" when I was 17 years old when I joined the military fresh out of high school. I spent 4 short years in the military being deployed twice to the war in Iraq. I decided this wasn't for me and made my exit out of the military. Things didn't go as smoothly as I would've hoped though. I left the military in the middle of a recession and jobs were hard to come by...even for a Marine veteran. 

It took some time but I was able to find a job as a nighttime janitor for a university. The pay was decent and the benefits were pretty good but I found myself working all the time including the weekends. 


8 years, a girlfriend, and 3 kids later the job just wasn't cutting it anymore. With insignificant pay raises and no path to progression, it was time to do something different.


I finally made a decision that I was going to give my family the life they deserved. I was sick and tired of not being able to do the things we deserved to do and spend quality time together because of work, bills, and debt.


In the last few years of being online, I have learned a lot! I simply found what works and replicated it. Building a business online is not hard, so no need to make it hard. Follow what the leaders are doing and don't ever give up on yourself.


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Hey, my name is Tay, and welcome to Here I share knowledge that I have collected over the years as a digital marketer to show people how to leverage the power of internet to build and scale a profitable business online.

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Learn how to build a successful online business with affiliate marketing 

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